Partner Institutions

The Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute

The collection, which was founded in 2011, is the only public collection of filmmaking in the country. Its mission / main aim is to contribute to the improvement of Hungarian film culture by its research activity and by collecting, preserving, restoring, archiving the material and written and other sort of records of Hungarian and international film culture.  


The Slovak Institute in Budapest

The Slovak Institute in Budapest is a Slovak state institution with the primary aim to promote cultural cooperation between Slovakia and Hungary. They intend to do so by promoting Slovak language and a culture in Hungary and regularly organizing cultural (scientific and artistic) events.

szlovák intézet

Yünüs Emre Enstitüsü – Turkish Cultural Centre Budapest

The main mission of the Yunus Emre Institute as part of the Yunus Emre Foundation is to promote and teach Turkish culture, history and language and to support scientific research in cooperation with various institutions and to publish their results and achievements.

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